(Smoky Mtn Sunset)

Testimonial #3

Hi Gary,

I want to tell you how much Marie and I are enjoying and appreciate what you did for us in our
06 coach. You removed our original 32 inch TV which did not have HD tuners, and replaced it
with an up to date Samsung 48 inch Smart TV. The cabinet work this significant change in size
required looks like it is the original stained cherry and matches the rest of our coach as does all
the rest of the cabinet work you did. You also installed a Smart Samsung Blu-ray home
entertainment playback unit and fixed our Surround Sound system so now everything including
our satellite DirecTV tuner all work with one remote.
The surround sound system (which never worked before) sounds great and we are enjoying it.
We can’t wait to get together with our grandsons and try out the 3D features of the new smart
Blu-ray unit and the TV. I also really like the control panel you designed and installed above
my head when I am sitting in the driver’s seat. It has the controls for our new electric Bat Wing
antenna, in-motion satellite TV antenna and over the air HD TV Sensar Pro pointing device. It
perfectly matches the rest of the coach’s wood and looks great. I used it today after we were
parked and acquired 35 OTA channels which we are now watching in HD.
Your redesign of the kitchen area has Marie ecstatic. The dishwasher works great and is very
quiet as does the new cooktop replacement you installed. We had tried to have two different
facilities replace it with no luck-they both said it wasn’t available. The dishwasher along with the
redesigned drawers looks like they were originally installed in the coach by Monaco. Not like
what was actually done which was to totally remove all the original drawers and other wood
between the floor and the counter top and replace it. The new 40 inch wide drawer has all the
ladies that Marie shows it too very envious.
Good Luck to you and Karen as you transition from the 10+ years as Custom Coach Connection
to your new endeavor (which did the work on our coach) of Smoky Mountain Coach Works.

Dave and Marie Ostrander
06 Monaco Windsor

Follow-up Letter from Dave and Marie:

Just a note to bring you up to date on us.  Since we left you we have traveled to Indiana, New York, down the east coast to Florida, Georgia, up the east coast to New York again, Boston, Denver, and now are at our winter hang out in Benson AZ till February till we hit the road again.
The purpose of the travelogue was to let you know the Winegard OTA, the Wilson Cellular enhancement and the Samsung TV/Home Stereo systems you installed have operated flawlessly in all locations and environments. We are presently using the park cable system with its mix of standard and high definition channels and enjoying it very much here in Benson.  This is the first time we have used a park cable system since you corrected the old problems and enhanced it along with everything else.
We are also enjoying eating on regular plates after years of paper plates to avoid having to wash the regular ones.  With the dishwasher you installed that is no longer an issue and we are sure the environment is enjoying the lack of paper waste as much as we are using the regular tableware. 
Dave and Marie Ostrander
06 Monaco Windsor