(Smoky Mtn Sunset)

Testimonial #1

Dear Gary and John,

I want to send you this note of thanks for the super job you did in upgrading my 2006 Allegro Bus. Now I can stop looking at new coaches, as no new coach comes with such advanced electronics as my coach now has:

Samsung 3D television --- which I did not know existed yet --- I thought it was coming sometime in the future, but now I have it.

Single Wire Integrated Management, which allows the bedroom TV to play programs recorded on the front DirecTV recorder, using only the one coax cable installed when the coach was built.

Smart TV --- It can go on line through WiFi or talk to my computer, tablet, or smart phone. I can plug a thumb drive into the Samsung surround sound and select an album of photos or a video to show on the big TV.

Co-pilot camera monitor --- This is my favorite upgrade. The monitor screen by the co-pilot seat can monitor all three cameras at the same time. This is so valuable when changing lanes or when traffic is entering and some foolish driver tries to pass the motor home on the inside lane and unexpectedly cuts in front of you. The driver can concentrate on driving while the co-pilot keeps an eye on all the traffic on the side and behind.

I am so pleased with the solid cherry TV cabinets that John built in the front and the bedroom. They look like original factory installation, but they are so much better. I like how them front TV is angled down 14 degrees for better viewing and the bedroom TV is mounted on a door that swings out, so that the original TV cabinet is now an extra closet.

Spending two weeks with you was an enjoyable experience and I learnt so much from you about electronics, about internet security, about routers, and how to securely crimp a small wire. We have tried your suggestions on restoring an aging finish on our cabinets. It worked and now the whole motor home looks so new on the inside.

John and Al Gallant
FMCA National Chaplains