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Surround Sound Audio Systems

Compliment that new HDTV or UHDTV with a complete surround sound system from Samsung. For the best immersive experience in your RV, surround sound is a must have. Let us put a system together for you.
(Samsung 5500 Surround System)

We test all of the compatibility and stock all of the products that hold up to the rigors of travel. We stock the models of Samsung TVs and Surround sound systems that work together so they will operate the easiest for them. We price all of these systems competitively and fairly.

(Samsung 4500 Surround System)

We create these entertainment systems that use only one remote that they already love, the Satellite receiver remote from DirecTV or Dish Network and we make them control the TV as well as the surround sound system. If they don’t want Satellite Then we make their Samsung TV remote work all of the surround and BR/DVD functions. We can even make the Samsung TV remote easily control their satellite receiver if they prefer this.